First couple of weeks of sound production! What uuuuuuuuuuuuup…

This is a bit strange as I have never written one of these things before! But here it goes…

Sound so far has been very engaging and has taught me how to well distinguish between the many subtleties found in a variety of sound design.

Our first task was to find and use at least 10 pre-recorded sound clips and attempt to produce a flowing and cohesive soundscape. I chose to try and recreate a soundscape of Brighton using recorded sound files of a busy and bustling city. I used a steady sound of traffic and walking pedestrians throughout, and included more prominently noticeable pieces of audio such as a motorbike starting it’s journey, a baby crying, a car horn and… well…

…a giant explosion.

Remember that thing I said earlier about subtlety? That certianly wasn’t the case here. I feel as though it made it slightly more interesting as nothing really happened throughout. Here it is:


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